sustainable built environment consulting,

project management, research and training

I've consulted public authorities, private companies, international organizations and academia about development, assessment and procurement of sustainable built environment;


managed international research and development projects funded by various international funding bodies, governments and industries including e.g. UN Environment and Ministry of the Environment Finland;


contributed to leading international research in value metrics, performance, circularity and sustainability of buildings and construction in close collaboration with SMEs and larger companies;


and trained and built capacity in EcoCity activities, mentored younger researchers, organized networking events and seminars, facilitated workshops and webinars, and adviced MSc and PhD students.


"J’ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec Pekka Huovila sur certains projets de recherche européen où il a été chargé d’une grande part de leur gestion. Ainsi, à l’occasion du projet ValPro, que Pekka coordonnait, j’ai eu pu apprécier ses compétences techniques, son écoute, ainsi que sa manière de gérer les imprévus. Par ces qualités Pekka a su impulser une dynamique de groupe aux membres du consortium, ce qui a permis de réaliser les livrables en un temps record.


Par ailleurs, lors de la préparation des projets EcoCity pour l’Afrique du nord, j’ai été impressionné par la capacité de Pekka à identifier les problématiques des pays émergents en termes de développement durable et à cibler les propositions à développer avec des solutions locales. Ceci est un grand atout pour s’exporter dans ces pays. Pour toute ces raisons, je ne saurais mieux faire que de recommander vivement Pekka Huovila pour ses talents de dirigeant".


Dr. Ahmed Laaroussi, Directeur de l’Ecole Supérieur des Métiers de l’Architecture et du Bâtiment, Université Privée de Fès

"I have had the pleasure of working with Pekka for 20 odd years in a variety of projects and in different positions. Pekka's broad knowledge in sustainability and smart city development, and his ability to apply this knowledge for creating solutions for business, the public sector and within the research field is highly valued. Pekka is an excellent team player and an appreciated project leader".
Ilari Aho, Vice President, New Business Development & CSR at Uponor
"During the past 15 years, I have worked with Pekka Huovila in European projects, where he skilfully provided good leadership, inspired his project colleagues and, most importantly, made the project results relevant and useful to companies and other stakeholders. I know Pekka also as a dedicated, well-organized and internationally recognized researcher, able to combine different analytical perspectives and to apply multi-disciplinary approaches in order to add value to the sustainability of the built environment". 
Jan Annerstedt, Professor Emeritus, UNESCO Chair, Copenhagen Business School
"I have known Pekka Huovila for over twelve years. During that time I have always admired his desire for excellence and his bringing excellence to everyone he worked and works with. He has had a heart for sustainable development that is unmatched by anyone I have come in contact with in my worldwide travels and studies. We first met with the CIB organization and also were Visiting Professors at the University of Salford's School of Built Environment. In our relationship, sustainable development has become a field of study and action in most areas in the world. Many of the issues and constraints in this area are things that Pekka was studying and providing solutions for a decade ago. He is always way ahead of others in thought and action. I have never met anyone that has more passion or competence under the umbrella of sustainable development".
Rick Coble, Owner & International Director of Shiloh Consultants
"Besides being a domain specialist, Pekka is also a highly dependable team player, always supportive, and (rare skills) delivering high quality inputs to time and cost. I have worked with him since 1998 - across a series of EC-funded projects, BEQUEST, IntelCity and IntelCities, and both acting as VPs at the University of Salford – and have always found him unfailingly collaborative and engaging".
Ian Cooper, Owner, Eclipse Research Consultants



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