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Pekka Huovila, Founder & CEO


I have practical experience from building design and construction in Europe and in developing countries. During the past 20 years I have actively contributed to leading international sustainable built environment Research and Development collaborating closely with international companies. I have an extensive national and international network covering different stakeholders including SMEs, large companies, public bodies, funding organizations, academia and NGOs. I'm used to design, negotiate and manage projects, as well as organize and facilitate events in international environments including low-income and transition economies. To successfully meet the clients' needs, SLAB will set up an ad hoc team of experts committed to deliver high quality results.


In addition, photography is one of my passions. I’ve worked in the Media Committee of the Finnish Bandy Federation since 2008 documenting games, teams and players in the Nordic countries and Russia, including six World Cups in Sweden and the World Championship. The Federation has awarded me three times for those services. I’ve also acted as a photographer in sailing competitions e.g. Offshore World Cup and Open European Championship for Olympic classes. Over the years, I have gathered a large archive of pictures on sustainable built environment from all over the world (over 30 countries outside Europe).

Download my CV (last updated on 02/01/2023)

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