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Asian souvenirs

by Pekka Huovila (In Finnish), 2022


The Trans-Mongolian train journey through Siberia to China more than forty years ago forms the basis for later visits to the region... to Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India, as well as the Middle East, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Lebanon. Up to 359 photographs from 35 visits to 15 Asian countries complement the experiences narrated from the origins of a long cultural and spiritual tradition to modern countries that have prospered thanks to oil, without forgetting the history of nations and the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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In the footsteps of indigenous cultures

-Magic realism in Latin America-

by Pekka Huovila (In Finnish), 2021


This book was born inspired by the ancient indigenous cultures of Latin America. The Maya of Guatemala, the Aztec of Mexico, the Inca of Peru, the Aymara of Bolivia, and the Mapuche of Chile tell the stories with their mixed descendants from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama. I share experiences and knowledge about current life, the environment, and the economy, seeking the trace of the indigenous heritage today through magical realism in literature, visual arts, architecture and music, even politics. More than 200 photographs of the eleven Latin American countries covered complement the stories.

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Experiences and images from Africa

by Pekka Huovila (In Finnish), 2020


The book is based on personal experiences of construction projects and sustainable urban research and development activities in 14 African countries for almost 40 years. The author has lived in rural villages, visited cities and surrounding slums, spent time in ministries and agencies, negotiated with funders, and became acquainted with the African people and their way of life. More than 300 authentic photographs of people and animals, nature and small villages, as well as cities the size of Finland, color the prospects for ‘real life’ in Africa outside holiday resorts.

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